Chemical Personifications

The day past by and the chemical personifications in my head increasingly were becoming a rattling disturbance in my head. Too many English top class words? Sorry about that just get carried away sometimes. The day was an event with many people coming meeting their buddies and socializing and so on, the girls trying to be as sexy as they can and the guys sticking with their girls to show or brand themselves as a status symbol. Out of the entire jungle of the event here we are she is now wearing a black dress and is in a hurry to feed her little sister to  buy her some ice- cream of some sorts or whatever while me and my crazy friend were bugging her and talking and teasing a so person with her. But teasing that so person thinking that she is so going to be mine I was in for a rude awakening that the dude was actually according to our teasing predictions was in a relationship with her. I felt like breaking someone’s neck and running three times around it. You could say the teenage hormones were extreme at the point but hey they have to count for something right? Okay this is not the part where I go into a depression and stop talking to her or look at her face you cheap bunch of Andhra Romeos. Nope that isn’t my basic sense of ideologies. Okay fine they are together but at least my mission got accomplished of attaining her number. I got an upper hand of actually knowing the gal before committing. But that grim fate was destined it may have been at the cost of so many things but you could say that could be in the chain of events which was happening or which were going to happen. You could laud at that but I scrammed back home and took out my Nokia 5230 and texted the number immediately. I got a “hi” with a smiley face and the texts went on and the part of her telling me that her dad passed away it kind of struck me to reply “that I am sorry about that” but with heart I sent her a poem to give her a hint that this dude Is something different someone she has never come across a rare breed an “item”! I don’t know what her reaction would be but from that day on I found somebody who could just be crazy and crazier than me. But then again after seeing her beauty I had a small little stalking on Facebook and I was blown away. It’s like a different avatar when she looks sexy in her educational reforming clothes and the clothes she wears outside. Every morning I would begin my day with her smiley face as I would arrive at the institution. Those thin legs crazy pumpkin shaped head and that big smile on her face and the other time where I would catch her alone guarding the door of her mates where a brief conversation would happen. Yes they could be called as shy or short conversations but honestly our relation was just up to that level. The perfect abbreviation you could use would be the “hi, hello friends”. No there was no crush then. It had died down supposedly. But the arousal of friendship was soon to happen. What if I had mentioned or will mention in the next episode that two people created their own world where they took the positives and the realities from that world and shaped their lives for the better? That is true and possible and I pursue it even now with an added tinge of red to it. The real highlight of human bond and to actually think they lived differently but it was just plain simple, people see their lives filled up with so many unnecessary complications that they forget to be simple human beings.


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