The Strange Attraction

It would be very hard to avoid a disturbing distraction to your eyes during an event and it so happens to be this ugly female who looks beautiful in a yellow flowery top and blue jeans and her smile shining like the morning sun or any other acronym you could pitch in. But the feeling or the voice in your head saying “man, how the hell did you think she was ugly”? Not ugly as in a girl with glasses, dresses like a geek or with pimples or a mole; that’s called being a human. Yes she’s something else. So here I am with my crazy friend passing by her through all directions and she’s just standing right there just to be seen. But apart from the sentimental love story that you would expect, this would be more of a revolutionizing one. Because here there is no falling in love or love at first sight. No brothers, sisters and other mammals it is a curious case of how one experiences life with a person, both changing each other’s life and coming to the point that no matter how many people they have had issues with or gone out with the obvious thing is such. They find each other to be the right partner and who they love the most. You see it’s no cheesy tale like how you would have imagined it to be. But then again how could you not for that smile and that amazing personality of hers. But back to being as hard as a rock we put in the intimate details later on. The tale that begins couldn’t have started off in a different manner like how I wanted it to be. Well honestly I did have a crush on her. That explains the obnoxious visits to her mates and just feeling so compelled to tell a “hi”, “sup, how you doing?  That made my day. But anyway it was a strange attraction because we were mixed together and that’s how we became friends. There was no intention or any secret crush or a method to get her attention… I was this down rat grumpy unknown entity and she was this different yet unseen beauty who looked kind of ugly before I saw the beauty. But any way her ugliness I would say would be her sexiness. Because as we all know she’s sexy in her own way, so is every other gal. I’m a feminist. So here we go with the usual interactions. But the first interaction after meeting that yellow flowery topped girl with blue jeans was to actually get in contact with her. There was no time that I thought that I would ever have any feelings for her in the future, thank god for that if I would have I wouldn’t have been in the situation where I would be right now. The second time during a big event was the “d-day” because it was a secret op, yet a cute mission to take her phone and put in my number or takes her number. I guess she would remember better if she was reading this. But I did get her number and that was like the day where in my head there was a “oh my god I got her number yeah I got her number ooh yeah I got her number”. But what came after that just changed fate itself.


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