Perfecting the Unperfected

If one can define beauty at a spot it would be that moment

A simple traditional dance

If I wouldn’t have taken the photo I would have been lament

But the moves of grace took me to a trance

To simply treat the stage as a platform of art

Took the stage on fire from the very start

Not a minute’s time did I not waste?

To take the pictures in utmost haste

The colors radiating energetic moves

Painting the hall with her every step

Giving my camera a run for its money

These moves are the fruits of a long prep

Something which I won’t forget for eternity

Learning that you find an emptiness in your heart

Is a sure sign that something is ready to fill

Something which has to be a great start

But thoughts do fall ill

Complexity of life isn’t my concern now

All I can do is be the audience and just wow!

Capturing art is institutional

Capturing someone rediscover it is, beautiful

There are moments which ignite fires of creativity

Boldness, fearless and a proud cultural human being she is

If you challenge her you are left in a fizz

That’s the beauty of such festivity Image


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