Gods of Laughter

Festivity is such an important part of “Indian life”, we need the holidays and the occasions bring us closer to our families

It’s fun, you can be a part of it to because it always involves food, colors, dancing, some amount of patience and prayers and to be greeted with kindness and whole hearted  love. The festivals of India have great diversity and its impossible to spell it all out just in one article! i can but i can’t. The thing about festivals here is that, you tend to celebrate different cultures itself. Cultural diversity is key. Sure some people might not like it, but most of them do. It all depends upon your personal choice. But when one might have to go outside, he/she would sure miss the festivity; not just because it’s a holiday but for the other concerning factors. 

Human Beings need enjoyment, happiness is an essential for our very existence! 

I got two insights about the current festival being held in India, “Ganesh Chaturthi”; the birth of Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva and Devi (goddess) Parvati. 

The first insight would be of the entire festival itself, the idols are made as its an art and profession for some and they get to their best during this occasion. The prayer and the blessings given by the priest, the fun and frolic times of dancing, family bonding, relatives, family friends, boozing, doing the “teen marr” dance; a very street kind of a dance form. Immersing the idol in water, and the process to immerse it is quite long as they take it slowly on the road on trucks dance their way with drums. 


The other insight i got from a friend of mine, he explained the actual reason of the festival. The rivers bring down a lot of silt during the monsoon season, and the soil is very fertile and is good for the farmers, so they make the idol of ganesha during this season worship it for the good fortune and immerse it in water in respect, as by returning the soil back to where it came from. But people have corrupted that purpose by using Plaster of Paris along with some harmful chemicals which pollute the environment. 

The relentless debates never stop to pop up at any given moment, i am not going to indulge into anyone of them. 

People enjoy the festivals one way or the other, love, laughter and life go hand in hand. ImageImageImage


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