No complications, just love.

The Moment we step inside this room

Wet from the rain dripping and motionless

Looking at our fates in this loom

Nowhere to go ready to confess

You see the truth in my eyes

But when I see in you, I see lies

Wouldn’t kill you with the guilt

I would see you helpless and pick you up

From the shattered walls that we once built

You have an addiction

That I understand

Living with It was a mistake

You have to fight it for your sake

I’m with you by your side

In the future let’s make some rules which we can abide

The true meaning of friendship isn’t lost

Don’t freeze in time in the frost

It’s not worth it, for what it cost

If you can’t fight it

If you can’t kill the habit

I would leave everything for you

Because till the end that love stays true

At the end don’t feel alone

There’s nothing to fret

I’m with you always, we’ll drink to deathImage


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