The Confession Of the Poet


When a man is too afraid to talk to the woman he loves 

he’s lost

There is a break in the period of men where they wander through the forest

Of all the things that he has done of the all the lives that it has cost

Where to begin this story of water

Constantly disturbed by the ripples of life

For he only tries to bring out her laughter

But what comes ahead is the bitter strif

Problems of his own, problems yet to come

Complications unknown

But to battle the demons of darkness

To her he must confess

But that day is pretty far

That’s the way it goes, that’s how things are

He grieves and smiles

He wanders the wandering forest 

Where he puts his mind to rest

To preserve the strength within

For the coming days 

Lies his biggest test


He gets up from his slumber of gloom

A changed man walks into the the socializing room

Meets new people, wonders what they wonder

Could he be the person to steal the thunder?

To be the light in every person’s mind

To be honest, gentle and kind

Yet violent against the violent

Be the “punched” for someone to vent

Accept the message from someone sent

That there is this one person who needs no scent 

But one has to fret

Seeing her on the other side of the bench

For the wind brushing her hair, casting any ill stench

For the ground so very still so that she can sit at her own leisure

For the radiant grace that no one can ever measure

He just watches and stands still not to miss a moment


He gets to know her somehow, somewhere

ImageHe’s calm and observant that he is being observed

To show his masculinity, yet to show his care

To show her the whole map; how his, got curved

To make himself look worthy rather than judging her to be

To be genuine and its evident that, that’s what she wants to see

  To be open and honest and full of life and for her to be above

Because no matter where, when or why life will change, she’s the girl he’ll  love



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