A fresh start for a stale mind

“You are completely lost in space, floating or moving i do not know!”

This cannot be happening that i am loosing my strength, where has it gone? I have always defended the weak, helped the poor, been good to others, balance the good and bad in me; yet i cannot find my strength.

Are the limitations of my body eating me up? Eating my thoughts up? The decisions of life matter to me form now on i shall take them wisely.

The people keep talking. But what great people have done over the time is not care of what others have to say.Period.

One does not have to change for them! One has to change for himself. 

Life was going on smooth. I made the biggest blunder of my life. It kinda gave me a flat tier. 

Now i am the one patching it up and fixing it. 

Patience and balancing are two key things i am stressing upon

Trust me people, these are very important things.

The final dirt has finally been removed. 

Feeling better.

The bullshit that men talk. 



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