Keep on travelling until you hit the spot!

Delhi, the land of enchantment for me. I have a lot of love for it because i haven’t seen much of it . Vague childish memories are the only way i can think about what really Delhi is or what it means to me. It’s like this place where i have to go to quench my thirst! Delhi the bazaar of capitals for every ruler who wanted to sit on the throne.  The moment the train stopped at “Delhi Cantt” (cantonment) my heart was thrilled. The people, the dry heat and the “taxi wala’s”.  The roads were busy, flowing traffic, streets were clean and there was lane discipline. My eyes were seeing about everything that they could see! The ironic thing was that the people going for work or going about their business found nothing exciting but for me it was otherwise! We reached the house and well it didn’t change from what i remembered or did it? I didn’t bother.

But the trip was short, Delhi was just a moment’s visit. I wanted to stay but the trip had to go on. Well the sites were amazing to see, we went to the dargha there, it was pretty good with the qawali singers just taking the visit to another level. 

A traveler will fall in love with this place without a doubt. Will you? 

The rich culture and history which has been the basis for what the city is known for today stands tall. 

Back to the railway station, i really feel kind of disappointed because i couldn’t spend much time in the city that i loved. The mellow drama cannot be explained here, it would get too mushy.

I was at my photography best trying to get out the most out of the surroundings. I did take some photo’s which i think that are good. But that will come soon once i get down with the real North trip.

 Wrapped around my camera bag

Sitting like the only stag

Without taking in a drag

Looking at a weird fag

Having a mindless nag

Searching for a unique picture

Hunting for the perfect structure 

Looking into each and every living soul

I finally found a bird, who fits the role!



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