Freedom Man

Freedom Man

I sit on this ticket-less seat
Seeing people run, struggle to grab theirs
I do not care much about what’s happening down there
It’s normal for all those fast hares
The wind blows on my face and i feel light as a feather
The sun doesn’t boil me because of the wind, the perfect weather
If i fall, i fall to my death
And if i do, i’l take in my last fresh wind breath
I don’t care if people look at me
At least during in the boring station, they have something to see
I am the entertainer of life here
With no limits, nothing to fear
i have no shield, no spear
No love to shed a tear
I cannot be something so mere
To think about the complexity of the complex passengers
Am i the messenger?
Or am i the harbinger?
Of laughter,sadness,concern in people’s hearts?
As i arrive with pride and carelessness
I don’t think about them, i confess
If it’s safe or not; if you agree or disagree
I can care less, because i am free

A quote for the picture, one of my favorites:
“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”
-Robert Frost


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