A little Crazy and Confused is what we live on

A little Crazy and Confused is what we live on

Here at Little People Thinkers we try to accomplish wonders by reaching out to beautiful yet different individual bloggers with their own persona, and be a part of a world of creativity and “freedom of expression”.

Not been keeping well so the posts were down, getting back into shape with a lot to offer.

Starting from tomorrow

Peace And Love Fellow Bloggers!


My Dear Songbird


The song of the songbird has its tune

The fact that our love was in the rune

But like every silver lining it would come up soon

I saw your face with such joyous care

So young, so full of life, so impossible to stare

Wish I met you at the fare

But I followed you around looking at you play

I’m a stalker, it’s alright tell what you have to say

The chocolate ignites you and dance all the way

Keeping other men fishing at the bay


Careless and free were your partners in crime

You would do what you want till your last dime

The beauty that you always vibe

Your childish dream to make your tribe

Of love and trust and other frolic things

You were much like the songbird who always sings


People go on without laugh less days

But unlike them you had your own ways

Of bringing life and cheer

To make a person laugh to the last tear

Snakes have always been your fear

Rest now on your bed that you love

There won’t be snakes under your bed

But a beautiful guardian dove

To protect you or to make the snakes hungry fed

Sleep now, no slither will come to you

No false promises, it is true


Your tears and insults go together

You look so cute, let’s make you better

Your nose turning red

Every wish of yours I know you want me dead

Your diet is of a troll

When you laugh, you laugh and roll

I hope that some way you get this heard

Now rest, and close those eyes little songbird


The Close Encounter with the sparrow

_MG_9555This bird made my day.

I went upstairs to put the bird seeds but very few birds came, i guess it was too hot. So i was a bit gloomy to see the result.

I was standing near the wall, where right beside me this sparrow landed, chirping, and i was stunned! I didn’t know what to do; i had to take a picture this was very close.

So i put the focus on auto but changed it, i trusted my focusing instincts and i put it on manual.

And clicked. They didn’t mind with my movements, as if they knew me.

The bond is growing.

The Rhymer Gamer


Writing on a piece of paper

Being the one who can do it

Washing the dishes, being the scrapper

Sitting and resting like a little zit

Waiting to pop up and blow into bits

Isn’t there any place where one can fit?

Oh no there isn’t there’s no place to sit!

I get up from my sweet dreams

Get up with pressure cooking releasing its steams

It’s damn annoying when it rings four times for the breakfast stall

Someone else’s food is my wakeup call

I get up, roll over, sit and get up

Finish my work inside and get ready

Go to the kitchen and get a cup

Drinking some alcohol to keep things steady

It’s my vice

But it comes with a price

In fact it comes thrice

A day when I don’t have my vice

Things seem so low, I need some spice

In my life where there’s no dancing

No dancing with a horse half woman prancing

I look around to see the mess

I’m so useless I have so many crimes, I have no witness

But I have to go, go sit and confess

About the things that I’ve done, thing’s I’m about to press

In the modern world there seems to be a lot of stress

So why not sing about it or wear a nice dress

Because people would laugh at you, look at you and stare at you

They’d go mad and grow so sad of you, that they’ll throw bananas and maybe even your favorite shoe

Now you have got to wait I have to go to the loo

No you can’t turn on the TV and watch Scooby doo

The dog is a coward and runs away even if you say boo

If there’s anybody the dogs in the real world would like to sue

I’m sure it’s going to be Scooby doo and the person who is watching it, you!

Great, I’m back I hope you didn’t have my mid day meal snack

Otherwise you’ll end up in a sack

Like the rest of the buddies from the lone range wolf pack

You want to come at me and attack

I’ll slap some sense into you and even give you a thwack

Get some sense in that rack

Which world you living in Mack?

Oh sorry your name is jack?

Who the f are you, get your hands off my stack

So I lock my door, look at my neighbor

I ask her, are you looking at me?

She says, are you looking at me?

I say, I’m not  looking at you, Betty sue

She says, then why you looking at me with your eyes so big and blue

I say, lady you got a problem with me?

She says, you got a problem with me little wannabe?

I say what?

She says that’s right son you got caught

I ask her how you knew.

She said, there are many like me and so few of you

So I shut the conversation and I go outsideLiving like a citizen with laws to abide

A new leaf here I come

Oh my god, look at the shop, here I come

I go to buy some little snickers

I see that a dude is having the lickers at me snickers

I ask him to keep his hands off the snickers

But he goes on twirling his tongue and his fingers

There is more rage to me than inside me that it lingers

We start a fight for which they call the cops

Sentence for 2 hours maximum tops

Beaten up beaten bad

I go and see I have to share my cell with a beaten dad

I hear that he’s mad

But why am I with him I don’t understand

It’s because I don’t that’s why I’m in a band

It’s called the “knoockers” and they are psyche to the core

What the hell am I saying am I being a bore?

I’m sure

I’m giving you more than what you paid for

You want more?

I can’t give away much, I have my fans to adore

Wake up now, go open the door

Get to work or you’ll mop the floor

Meet the man say hello


So whatever I say

Is going to blow away

Because your don’t have the patience to stay awake

To listen to my chatter

To listen to my banter

Because I’m a rhyme gamer

A mind framer

Keeping you lost in the syllables of line tamer

Go ahead give your best

Because you know it’s your own freaking test







The Race

raceWho’s the fastest navigator?

Seriously today wasn’t war like the usual scene when i throw the rice grains, this time the Sparrows and pigeons thought instead of an all out war why not be competitive, so they came up with a race.

What are you looking at ?

What are you looking at ?

Fancy this, He hated the fact that i was taking pictures of him; yet he wanted his pictures to be clicked. Angry monkey wants all the lime light; it’s because of the intrusion of humans into their habitat in the hills that they feel agitated towards humans and cameras