To live in the lifelessness of life


“Freedom is the right for every living soul”

Country’s which brag about constitutional integrity

Seem to be hopeless with the staggering diversity

People die, families bleed

Children the future of our world, deprived of love in their hour of need

War raged over barren lands

Does it take blood, sweat and tears to join hands?

We reap the benefits of destruction; we sow the seeds of pain

Someone’s diamond necklace is another’s life in vein

“The homeless are being pushed towards extinction”

Because people with homes are occupying the very little land mother Earth provided them

The Class society always has someone to condemn!

Diseased, Un-touchable is what they say

Shifting and shifting to the edge of life

But society always wants more where they have everything so rife

Yet the homeless seem to enjoy and live until they meet their doom

People want to be the best, but want to remain true

The poor want jobs, but so do you

Help is not given, but is looked out for

But what if we give a little warmth, to show them the door

Where the path of comfort meets a maker’s financial satisfaction

To make a child smile like he/she hasn’t smiled before

Freedom is the right for every living soul

But freedom today is just a mirror reflecting “society’s big black hole”

At the end a quote of jimmy Hendrix would suffice

“When the Power of love overcomes the love of power

Then the world will know peace”





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