Beauty was always restricted for me
A difficult pathway to see
I can’t sing about it or tell it to you in a rhyme
Beauty never came to me, it took time
For all the wonderful beautiful creatures around me
I found an unlocked door with a key
I opened the door to see nothing but a huge garden
A miniature forest actually
To smell the fresh air and take it in was breathtaking itself
I don’t know where i am
I don’t know whether to believe
I don’t want to stay yet i do not wish to leave
My leg weaken seeing this beautiful girl
Wrapped around nature’s offerings white as a pearl
She ask’s me to follow her going deep into the garden
I can’t do anything wrong there is no chance for a pardon
I run into the garden following her lead
She stops in front of a big bush
I am starting to feel that i am freed
Thinking that what i am about to experience is the right push
She asks me to peep inside
I say nothing as i abide
I see the most beautiful scene of my life
Something which is never rife
My birds of birds, i never felt peace like that, never
It was like this part of my life was kept sever
The colors, the elegance , the truth, i asked the girl if this was really true?
She said, you were waiting for beauty, beauty has come to you


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