The Clueless Clutter-er

I’m the clueless man with clueless wonders

A man who cant cheer or create any thunders

I’m the clueless sack with a clueless pack

A pack of clueless clutters

I go around walking and showing my art

But they rather think about it as worthless as fart

I do this for a living or for a sweet apple tart

i recite my poetry with a lot of chivalry

Yet nobody cares because of the “clueless tag”

“Is love so blind for us all to see” says i to the clueless English fag

My teeth are golden yellow, I may be a stinky fellow

But i have heart and it shows in my art

Nobody bothers, just to earn a quid

In my world i feel like the giant squid

Last of its kind 

I am loosing my mind 

I burn the papers, dissolve the art 

But maybe i need go back to the very start

But now i have no heart

I sit on the pavement enjoying the English summer

What have i done? What a bummer

i cry and cry the clueless man cries

He would cry and cry until he dies

But then a maiden comes to his rescue

She picks up a piece of parchment 

This is something new

Maybe my mind is bent

She smiles at me and sits on my stage

She recites her own poem

Nobody bothers about her as well, nothing to show em 

She looks at me and tells me why do you do this when they don’t deserve this 

They are nothing but the fizz

I am really clueless about what is happening now

But to her bravery i must give her a bow

She catches my tears and tells me

 Come with me and you shall deserve what you are meant to be

I get picked up by this Honorable dame

While i look back at the misery of my flame

She reminds me of how deep and influential art can be

She takes me into her world where it is what i want to see


We walk to the far reaches of our imaginations 

Realize our dreams and aspirations

I see what a woman means to me what a friend means to me

This unknown friend who i share no bonds

I hope our relationship goes on like the endless poetry




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