The action, the drama and the pregnancy

“Free… as a bird….”

“These were the only lyrics of the Beatles song “Free as a bird” which were playing in my head.

Me and Natasha seemed to have found each other as the perfect match, No sentimental bullshit, no hand harassing partners, stereotyped egoistic chauvinists, sex driven psychopaths; nope, me and her were just simple and straightforward, living each moment for each other like it was the last day on earth.

She was more of the violent one, pinching the body, doing all sorts of crazy acts, was into singing and dancing and when she’d be upset she would go to the swimming pool and swim. It gave her some sort of peace or a place to escape. She’d try doing the “Percy Jackson” underwater meditation thing but with her smoked lungs I doubt she got past 2 seconds. While I was more of the quiet kind yet I became livelier by the minute with her.

The enraged young adultness gave us more daring endeavors. We jumped into the cemetery and we both were shit scared, it was at 7 in the night and there were only two lights near the entrance of the cemetery. It was winter and it felt wicked awesome. We picked the right time as well; the moon was out and the moonlight gave it a more dark and “the spirits will come out” kind of a look. But none of that happened. We picked out our spot by a naked tree, a cement platform or was it a grave? We never checked; we took out the joints and started smoking up, playing the taxi game (where you take in one drag and wait until your partner takes in the drag and only then you release the smoke). We were stoned after 5 joints. We started making jokes and remembering all the horror movies we ever saw. Things got romantic then or wild, she sat on me and we started kissing each other. We made out and then just kept looking at the moon; the stairway to heaven song by Led Zeppelin was making the mood and the highness even better!

The things I did for her; we used to fight a lot with our parents because of our care free attitude and because we were together. Our grades were high, life was going well, we had our own careers to make and we decided what to become; now for parents if there is nothing wrong happening in your life they are bound to make one. But who can blame them, their just intuitive.

The best part was after graduation, we got separated, she went away to Delhi and I went away to Mumbai; for one year we worked. She became an assistant director for some T.V show and I slogged my butt in the IT office. Life had its own way of giving two people a natural space.

We got back, had the reunion, had fun, remembered the past, laughed over it, drank over it, ate over it, and slept over it. Yes, we had sex one night after a beach party and it was an exhilarating night for both of us. We weren’t drunk; we were just reviving the good old times.

Three days past by and we like the dumbest people in the world realized that we did not use a condom; neither did she take an i-pill. Panic, Sweat, fear, guilt just swept in and ruined the peace process. It was a stormy night, my parents and her parents fought, her parents almost killed me, things were so tense at home that my parents let me die by Natasha’s father and well he didn’t spare me. I was lashed, screamed at and accused of rape; while Natasha was crying and consoling her dad my dad and mom. “The rape accuse” got to her nerves, she screamed:

“Madhavsingh Rathore!”

Everyone stood still

“What the fuck is your fucking problem?” she screamed

Oh boy I loved that scream, so sexy she sounded.

“I’m pregnant, so what? It’s my life, you said once I started earning it was my life”

“But Natasha we wanted you to get married to su…”

“Mujhe nahi chahiye koi Sunil wunil, I love this guy and he loves me and we are well fucking settled in life and we are getting married and raising this kid!” (I don’t want any Sunil-Wunil)

“Raising a child is not a joke, you’re hardly an adult!”

“I never said it was a joke, I am leaving this hell hole and getting back to reality.”

Things were shattered there, at the end of the situation he asked her for forgiveness, she denied. They gave us their blessings and we got registered married.”


So Mrigank, I don’t know whether you understood or not; this is my love story.

It was peculiar, I was narrating or summarizing my love story to this ward boy who I didn’t know; would have understood what I said. It was something good apart from sleeping in the hospital and waiting for the next day when your wife is going to deliver a child.

He got up as he was called for and he gave me a nod and went away. I couldn’t expect anything great.

I get up and I’m called:


I turn towards the voice and see Ward boy Mrigank.

“Haan?”  (Yes)

“Madam very beautiful, Sir”

The End




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