Against the Rocks


These waves of life will always come

To wipe across the darkened floor

It’s such a difficult tune to strum

But at times you want more

More of everything

But it’s out of your reach

You are your own teacher to teach

The right matter to understand

 With knowledge within you, you can become the helping hand

Now the waves of joy and life are coming before me

I can smell the righteous salty sea

My feet sink into the sinking sand

I’m on the edge, edge of the land

Its coming, its coming

I am still as the water gushes against me

My vision goes blur as there is nothing i can see

The salt has an increased opacity

In my mouth where words are born free

The cold water boiling my skin

No paddles no natural fin

I float as the ocean decides enough

I have shown what i am, i can stand the rough

I can see no boat, no ships no docks

I only see another set of waves crashing against the rocks




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