Those happy days of sharing things with you

People never saw the black and brown in you

I remember the mutt who came in front of me

We took him in and made him a part of this family

Things were rough around the starting stages of life

I never bothered about him, neither did he

The best of pals, we were meant to be

After school i’d come and see your face

That lazy face with no happiness to trace

You saw your food bowl and became satisfied

I could talk to you about anything that i lied

You would just listen to my jabber all the time

I ode this to you in the symphony of my rhyme


We’d run in the night from the house to the end of the street

Come back home running again, racing back to eat

You were faster than me sometimes i admit, but a friend like no other i could beat

You pulled me out of tricky situations i owe you one

If anything happened, it was all said and done

I remember your fart when i used to irritate you while you were sleeping

When i heard, there was nothing but weeping

On the inside, shattered i was to know

I couldn’t be there i’m sorry, i have no shame left to show


Fate is what we make

And that is what we must always take

Into account of the several memories that latch on with us

Because you were the best thing that happened in my life

I remember all these troubled times, i remember you

When i’m all lost and all blue

I see what must be done i see what is true

Your sweaty sweat smell like fragrance for me

I know your with me always for eternity

You were like no other i ever came across,  a boon to the family to me  you were all free and wild

Forever shall you be my loved Fur-child




Dear jimmy, i love you so much

Someday we shall meet again

Shall relive those old days new

Because like i always used to say

“Like us, there are a very few!” 



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