Flour,Bullets and other Ingredients



I am a soldier for this bureaucratic society

I am the peace giver

I see my options very clearly

Shoot when asked to, kill when needed, protect the country 

You are a sharp instrument, yet used so bluntly

War stricken struggling travel plans

Get down from a truck with no eager fans

No one is good on any side

For my nation, i serve with pride


You came along, you cake baker

Witty looks you gratitude taker

The weight on my shoulders have disappeared

It is just as i feared

After years of serving and going through blood, sweat and tears

Someone who could vanish all my fears

The smile itself says it all

I really don’t care if i rise or fall

A soldier vagabond is what i am

I finally see where this route is taking me

I think i can set myself free

Duty is a must, that’s what they tell

But duty to oneself is important as well

A soldier is what i am and what i will be

For my country and for you and our prosperity

Disarmed in the fight i eat your cake

Opportunity knocks, and it’s this chance that i take








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