The Love that you know about


When we go down to these memories

When i look back at what we used to be

I see myself and you, just so happy

We walked on a path full of life

A path full of friends and lovers

Free as the wild wild plovers 

Your smile said it all 

As my faith took a fall

I had no emotions to give 

But we had a life to live

And that ruined it all…


I’m sorry i couldn’t ask you out

I’m sorry i couldn’t tell you about

My life,.. 

It’s so messed up and perplexed 

And if you’d listen you’d be vexed 

I am sorry for not bringing it up to you

But i know that you knew

And i guess that life had it’s perks

And in the most mysterious way

That’s.. how love works..


We went on with ambition and rage

You went in a room and i took the stage

I found that it was empty

With the people all gone

And its suddenly dawn

And i’m still standing right here

Facing my own fear

Wondering if you’d be proud

If my message to you was loud

If i could ever find you in the crowd…


Life is well spent on careers

We finally meet after all those years

Catching up and laughing about it all…

Criticizing me with no message or  call…


Awkward silence splits us apart

Shes pissed real bad 

She said she knew it from the start

She’s giving me that look, a view for a kill

She said,”If you don’t do it then i will” 






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