The Shadows Of light

The Shadows Of light

From the Shadows i emerge
Forsaking all that is lost to me i create a purge
Fury and lust is all but a chasm
Destined for the ruined fortunes
Destroyed the many lives has the tribunes
My ravaging heart is in nothing but fumes

I have seen the worst
And for that i have adopted hope
For i scream for thirst
With this new found power i shall elope
Make merry all your bureaucratic clowns
Send me all your wrath and your petty hounds
I am renewed with older scars which hold me steady
Which remind me of what has to be done
To train me and make me ready
For the night is yet to be won

I do not dust myself of the powdered bones
I do not care of pity and such horrendous attitudes
Step in my way and you may see yourself many feuds
There is an enemy waiting for me
It has been there since many ages
Enhanced and crossed through all stages
Now for it is set free
There is no containment no sacred cages

Fused up to this very point
Time has to be defiant
For i come from the light
Not as a practitioner
But a soldier willing to fight

You have corrupted the light with your intrusions
You have made illegal fusions
No more despair and no more illusions
For i have seen you and now i come
Let your soldiers splinter their shields
Create defenses and create force fields
Let your wings lurk and prey
Let your hounds go and stray
Let them howl, let them bark
For this time, i come to you, for i shall fight in the dark


To create the balance sometimes either has to take the extreme step to settle the scores.


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