Two Necessary sides required to live on Earth


Society is so make believe, so rigid yet so instrumental

The choice placed on us is so free

That we have no clue so we end up being fundamental

Of following a system that is on a demoralizing spree

Things get down to a bitter start

That me self has to lose my heart

To be accepted to be a part

To be on your own, to know where to start

So here is me standing tall

Building myself up to the very top

Knowing one day that I have to fall

But not to the society, not to the crowd, not till I’m ready to drop

Being someone, being strong

Being someone was so wrong

What will I do with this throng?

Jump around, sing a song?

When everybody’s gone, who is there to hold me?

That’s what me is getting to, this is only half the story

Hello there, this is me

No I’m not a genius under a tree

I’m a natural me; young wild and free

I live to tell the tale to tell

I have to survive so I have to sell

To make another me for you all

So that one day you will laugh even If I fall

Inside me is a world full of mysteries for you

There are so many symphonies you never had a clue

All my lies which you think seem to be true

Because I’m nothing like any other I’m so brand new

Because who I am is what I am and will be myself to the very end

I might be somebody else to fit in but that’s because I pretend

I make no speeches, I make no arguments there’s no one left to fend

I am the product of this outcaste shadow you always like to see

This better side of me is left to flee

So that I can be someone, correction; I can be me


Picture Credits: Nitin Lawrence

In the Picture: Sharan Akula


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