My Dear Songbird


The song of the songbird has its tune

The fact that our love was in the rune

But like every silver lining it would come up soon

I saw your face with such joyous care

So young, so full of life, so impossible to stare

Wish I met you at the fare

But I followed you around looking at you play

I’m a stalker, it’s alright tell what you have to say

The chocolate ignites you and dance all the way

Keeping other men fishing at the bay


Careless and free were your partners in crime

You would do what you want till your last dime

The beauty that you always vibe

Your childish dream to make your tribe

Of love and trust and other frolic things

You were much like the songbird who always sings


People go on without laugh less days

But unlike them you had your own ways

Of bringing life and cheer

To make a person laugh to the last tear

Snakes have always been your fear

Rest now on your bed that you love

There won’t be snakes under your bed

But a beautiful guardian dove

To protect you or to make the snakes hungry fed

Sleep now, no slither will come to you

No false promises, it is true


Your tears and insults go together

You look so cute, let’s make you better

Your nose turning red

Every wish of yours I know you want me dead

Your diet is of a troll

When you laugh, you laugh and roll

I hope that some way you get this heard

Now rest, and close those eyes little songbird



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