Spread the light

Spread the light

Sometimes we end up with such a random thought
People laughing and bursting with the crackers bought
Am i a nudge in the society or a peace giver?
Thinking about the lives that have to be fought
Against oppression, disease, corruption which does not intend to cease
Yet so troubled making mother nature smoke some pot
One day, we would know the cost, one day we would realize what we got
We should have this sought
The limit  has reached its pinnacle peak
Yet we are on a polluting streak
Spread the light for the poor and the needy
Spread the light for those who can’t live so freely
Without the satisfaction of the materialism that we live in
One step closer to perfection costs another across the world a sin
Spread the light to shun the darkness of misery
Spread the light to speak the truth in a tragedy
Spread the light to those who can’t see
Spread the the light for the hungry and the needy
Be the revolution, be the start
Spread the light in everyone’s heart


A happy Diwali to all of you
Everyday we come across situations where we can help somebody; in some way or another. Doing our bit is one step to a better future!



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