She’s just a Mile Away


Things seem to be so laid back
I guess I’m losing my sense of humor
Maybe I’m a wrong track
Maybe I’m a tumor
To someone else’s problem, maybe so
I have no place to reach out; I have no place to go
These tricks you play with me
Sometimes so hard to believe
That’d I have to clinch on to your cold trail…
My body is numb, its dead ice frail
I can sense the raindrops on me; they seem to feel like hail
I run for shelter but I’m out of luck
No runway caravan or helping hand truck
I cover my head with my torn brown jacket
Tonight I hope somebody wears me a blanket…
It’s sunny and bright today
A brand new start to see the people of the beach
Going on with aspirations high
Some lessons life’s gotta teach
To see the lessons learnt everyday
Will you be there to show the way?
As I hum and rhyme my guitar tunes
Finally, I get some money to eat some prunes
I wait for your calling down the beach like the days of old
I’d write a song and tell a tale that no one’s ever told!
Your beauty kept me alive
To seek the little joys of life to sing and jive
Customers pay their performance fees
No more people the sun’s going down
This is my last rhyme for this town
I hear your calling, calling me down
To the beach of ours, here comes your merry clown
I can see you from here and push myself to say
Put in your best boy, She’s just a mile away…

Picture Credits: Ankita Ps


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