In the Mind of Me


Whats inside my head?
I do not know
I have no instrument to blow it all out
How will i show?
The truth? Isn’t what i say enough?
How do you know that i have a bluff?
Nope, you can’t be sure
Go ahead, whats there for me in store?
Asking me whats inside my head…
Here i go, let me show
Picutre a field full of grass and flowers
No, no unicorns or cute polished lovers
Just flowers, daffodils of the kind
Laugh all you want, this is my mind
I love nature and it’s creation
No i don’t need no fecilitation
It’s all juiced up in there with birds and trees
And an everlasting cold current breeze
Music echoing all around this plain field
An educational think box that gives a good yield
But here’s the part which has always been concealed
The truth about how true the truth really is true
Is that in the middle of the field, in the middle of all this, there is you….



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