The Capturer and the teller


The day is getting cold my dear friends
The minute of hours is getting older day by day
Changing like the modern trends
This is what i have to say,
I wouldn’t say that time has passed by so fast
That we created something magical which left everybody in a stir
I would say that we passed by time so fast
That we became like never before, ever closer
To laugh at life and problems and worries from the terrace of our homes
Back to those secluded times of peace in our warm domes
To the cycling trio, where laugh and music would prevail
Through the troubled times where only said friendship would be the bail
Through the moments  and presence of the unknown spirit
To scrutinizing philosophy and eating down to the last bit
Travels together and talks of the future
Made us think more about how things would be
Chucking the visions, what a trio of three
A brother hood in a growing family


In the Picture

Nitin Lawrence (left)

Kedar Patwary (right) 


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