Ms.Dubey and Me


These train tracks have some sort of life in them
Every route that you take has a special memory
The route was yours, you were at the helm
For it was a place for me to feel free
The arrival of the metal traveller excited me like a little kid
For the first time i climbed on board
We sat on the footboard, yes that’s what we did
I admit it was cramped as i was a hoard
But the estatic feeling of travelling with her was un parallel
Why? The simple talks sufficed
I didn’t get her at first, it was hard to tell
I was lost in the expression of her listening
And there would be one frequent question i would bring up
Am i speaking too much? Should i shut up?
And let us both watch the sites, the train sheds and the sunset smiling upon us
I feel like a kid under her watch
Nothing like a good ol scotch
The scotch bottle of lost happiness
The moment of distress 
The constant listening
The endless rhyming
Of love and other things to come along the way
It’s nice to have met you Ms. Dubey



The artist who made this picture is unknown to me, once I get to know the person, shall credit him/her

I take no credit in the art that has been displayed. 


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