The Outcast Speech


Sleeping inside a jeep
On a cold winter night
Sleeping under a blanket
Warmed with fear and fight
Living with the single thought of something wrong
Hearing the tyranny song
Of guns and people singing and dancing
Some girls go loud as they shrill and sing
Ran away from the orchestra, got no supplies; what could i bring?
Only a photograph of the girl and her aunt
It’s not that i am scared, its just that i cant
Run into the production of music and horror
Seeing them musicians paint red with their singers bottles
I hide, i wait, i seek mercy for my existence
i apologize if i or my kind have made any offense
I hide, carrying my love in my pocket, one last thing to defend.
I hide with courage, i hide with hope
That one day in this deep well of darkness will come a rope
A rope to pull me up into the sky
And with this horrific experience, my memories as my alibi
I say goodbye to these days of old
Moving on to a secular land
Where they do not see, smell or think, yet they understand
That words of mine speak more than the power of a like breaker
For i shall be burdened, to prove or to evade, the crimes of another, the crimes of the life taker


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