Bliss at the Edge of the World


These waves that crash the rocks
Below me the battle grows
No harbor of joy or hope of ships waiting at the docks
Nothing seems to mellow
The happiness and peace giving factor
Which dwells within all us kind souls
Are we kind? No, a deadly combination of chaos in a reactor
Having an intricate society with no trust but full of moles
When i see the world before me as i sit on the edge
The edge between the world where i come from
And the true world that is in motion to set free
Now it is night, i feel the cold breeze
The moon has come out and the stars are my hosts
I see what they have in store for me as i ignore the past of my ghosts
This sad and gloomy day has become an exhilirating experience
Where a world exists with no point of interest or no difference
This world is mine for the taking
No society can snatch it away from me, this is my undertaking
The fabric of night is breaking
The elements of nature is in my grasp
So much of purity and clarity, no time to gasp
The air that i am used to
It has to go, as this time it’s my nomenclature
For nature is me and i am nature



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