Dona Riva

Where the sea is calm as the morning sea
Where the sun stays cold and never warms up
As the air is filled with salinity
The sky is blue so is the sea below it
The birds are violent with free spaces
Everyone’s on sandals and slippers forget shoe laces
Different language different faces
Peace has a new definition right here
The ship is mine and its my time to steer
To set a course for this peace to last
Absorbing all that I can in this new found heaven
As time is relentless its moving fast
Gone have the ages of worrisome thoughts
Life has a purpose here getting all things of soughts
The coconut trees has their grandeur
There is a flow of positivity
Something I have to endure
I throw my troubling ladies in the sea
For now I am less burdened and free
Give me this and let me be
This is Goa. This is me



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