PEACE of the night sky

The typical Goa holiday plan, where you don’t know how much you are spending but you spend it anyway. An ordinary experience would be to relax and not care about whats going out of your wallet and enjoy the sights. The sights that you don’t often see in your backyard. Screw the financial dilemma and smell the coast. 

How long does one has to wait for the humidity to soak in and go into your lungs, with that salinity in your nose and throat. So beautifully disgusting with the sand and the salt on your legs and the sweat exploding from your skin. Divine!

So here i am, in this vacation where it is openly telling me: its time to go home and be at peace. Because all this while i feel so restless of the fact that there is something missing in my life. A sense of lost comfort for a withering traveler. Peace will flow in like a fresh river melted from an old glacier. I see purpose now, looking at things in the third person i come to know that this would be the best get away. But yet peace is just half way through. 

I know where i will achieve it.It is worth the wait i guess. 

A small feeling from the big universe in my head. Night !! 



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