The ShortCut Goa Trip. Part-1


Imagine a place. where countless movies have been shot, the stories of the infamous “Konkan Coast”, the churches and the chilled out attitude. That’s where we were heading. Goa. The entire experience was still sinking in. We caught the “Kacheguda Express heading to Vasco, the food was horrible though as there was no taste or life to it. The sights were amazing once we approached the western ghats! The scenery, the waterfall (Doodhsagar) and the fresh air, was all a bliss. It made the horrid 18 hour train journey worth while.

It was 4 p.m in the afternoon where me and my friend Kedar Patwary saw the most beautiful sight ever, the coast; the sun reflected on the beautiful sea full of fishermen, along with a sharp pinch of humidity; it rejuvenated me! The saline air charged us both as were arriving at vasco.

The last station and probably a dead end, Vasco is a small station with a mixture of people who are difficult to get a read on. We enquired for the nearest bus stand and to our surprise saw a lot of buses. Our destination was Panaji or Panjim (the capital of Goa). But there was a huge line we had to over come first. We could have hired a cab or an auto; but we wanted to experience Goan transportation. We saw, we stood and we were still standing there for One and a half hours; sweating and holding on to our bags we finally got two tickets and got onto a bus.

As the bus started the wind made things a lot better. Our contact was waiting for us at the Panjim Bus Stop. A kind man named Mukesh who asked his friend Sai to help us out. He took us in his car and showed the venue of the International Film Festival and took us to a lodge. The name: “DONA RIVA”.

The surprising fact was that these people were very nice, too nice. But was there something more to them being nice? Or was it that we had come from a place where there was a lot of negativity. At the end it was the latter.

The Innkeeper of the lodge was “Vinod”. He was a bit tipsy when he first confronted us but assured us of any assistance during our stay. Sweet chap but tricky as well.

We put our bags to rest and off we went in search of food. For two days it would be a scouting trip to get to know the area and to get used to it! Food was a problem and the restaurant was closed. We saw only one hope; a pastry shop known as “Pastry Palace”. We went there without thinking and consumed more three burgers and sandwiches.

Stomachs full, we crashed on our beds. From sitting on a train and tiring ourselves to standing in a line and tiring ourselves to sitting on a bus and tiring ourselves to searching for a place to eat and tiring ourselves, rest was inevitable.

Lights off, fan on,phones to charge and everything is silent. Just when i had second thoughts about the place; i heard.

The ocean welcoming me, as the waves crash on to the shore. Beautiful nature music, whispering in my ears and putting me to sleep.

More to come. Stay Posted.


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