My First Waterfall

My First Waterfall

I have been to many places and the best part is, i don’t recall visiting them at all! I was very young. This was the closest waterfall for us on our road trip.

Chitrakoot, Chhattisgarh; where the indravati river picks up momentum and flows through Odisha and joins the Godavari river in Andhra Pradesh. I visited this waterfall before, but coming after 18 years its simply amazing.

To top that up, taking pictures and documenting the waterfall and the environment was even better; field work experience just grew to 45%! With my faithful Canon 600 D, the water could not harm me at all making my work better.

We were taken on boats and we went near the waterfall, into the churn and i witnessed wonder and sheer power of mother nature, being at the center of the waterfall where the boat could have drowned, camera could get spoiled; the lesson learnt, do something with the right intention and you will always be rewarded.

Documenting is done, the edit will start soon enough!

Stay tuned!


The Guardian

The Guardian

Guardian of the house, spiders are always mistaken to be evil or creepy. In fact, their quite the opposite.they mind their own business, waiting for the food to come. It’s their life, their web! So why complain if there’s a spider hung about some where at the corner of your room. They would only defend themselves.

Village Noise

Village Noise

After many days folks, travelling has got me to the land of birds. Here i am searching for my elusive red winged bird, along with the black and white striped bird as well! This is just the start of a village bird picture saga, stay tuned!

Sorry for the regular posts people, will begin from now!!

A Big Huge world before me


This time it’s confidence driving me all throughout the competition

This inner feeling of taking the hit, and wanting more

To look up at the sky and see that there’s more to conquer

With the kite as my sail i shall fly

Higher than anything!

Because i have seen enough of downfalls, and enough of gloom

No more being in the sidelines this time i’l be on the front page

In the word’s of Shakespeare, “the world is nothing but a stage”


Picture Credits: Kedar Patwary

Singer of bad tales


Do i see the world as it sees me?
A good question and here’s your answer
Yes i am someone in the shadows,a nobody
With an attitude problem
I see no end to the thoughts of mine
There’s no one to hope that everythings fine
With me you fool not with anybody else
I’ve bared frustrations beyond control
Ive been to places beyond patrol
Ive helped the ones you call your friends and foes
But that’s the way this world goes
You give everything you got and see what it might give you
Yes it does give you something, its absolutley true
It gives back hate,misery and stress
Makes you run around the town with a half torn dress
I keep telling people i don’t want your advices
So leave me be, and let me consume all the vices
Let me have my own tales of gold and spices
Instead of playing me on your board of dices
Don’t i mean anything to anything?
Cause i can’t play or sing?
Cause i don’t like what society or the outcastes deem
I am a free bird in a cage
For where i will rust with age
Where the eternal beauty or the hope of someone cushioning you
A day which will be new

The Wnter Sky

Myths be true says the wind of old
The path stays true until your heart deems it to be
Be the faith in ye stories of old told
To the young ones to keep their ferry coins in their pockets
May the men be given blades and swords and the women to guard these men with mystical lockets
See the creatures of the light fight with wounded scars
See these kings of old shining from the stars
For eternity shall they ring, the songs and tale
Across borders love will prevail

The Wire Tree

The Wire Tree

I find most of the fascinating birds more on wires than trees, its quite odd because you expect a bird on a nice branch,chirping away. But i guess this one had other intentions.

If you notice, this bird is quite different, its silent,fast,small and can camouflage itself like a leaf and you won’t even notice its there.

I have started to study the birds i take pictures of. Hope it goes fine.