Railway Kid


The best job in the world is to eat,travel,explore,re-discover and at the end of it all, get paid for it! Life on the rails is something else. The Indian Railway experience is worth a script as a family entertainer or a way to meet new friends or to have company on long halted journeys. It’s boring if you want it to be, or its fun. The rails cover scenic beauties, as the engines roar and shunt their way towards their destination. It’s one of those proud moments for a train driver to arrive on time but due to heavy traffic even on rails, that never happens. It’s true that no train reaches on time, but they make up for lost time as they charge on 120 km per hour on the tracks, cutting the wind and displaying raw power of pulling 18-24 bogies, its exceptional for the goods train as it’s a lonely job; there is not a single life form between the train driver and the guard. What makes a child so excited about a train? Let me explain.

The first steps into the A/C coach, where you get the calm and decent comfort, you see slowly and without much noise; the train moving, the tracks changing at high speeds. On the other hand, in the non ac compartments you have the pleasure of listening to the beautiful melody of the trains changing chords, with the natural breeze cooling you (during nights). The imagination of the strong engine pulling the compartments and the grand entry when it arrives at the station. These all factors make a kid want to play with his railway set. 

It’s a wish to get on to the front, the engine and experience the high speed in front of you. 

But life on rails is tough, there are levels of complexity and hard dedicated labor who contribute every second of their lives to give us the satisfactory feeling of a safe train journey. 

The station masters from the big stations to the abandoned or lonely ones play a pivotal role in the entire railway system. There are about thousands of railway passes that are maintained and operated by dedicated employees that ensure the safety of locomotives.

People in charge of the tunnels, railway tracks at high altitude places, dangerous uninhabited areas; so brave and dedicated. 

The track switchers, the signals, the electrical engineers. 

I salute you. 

So back to the traveling life. What would a perfect travel story be? 

To imagine it is an amazing thing, to live it is just another level of awesomeness. 



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