Nature Hash


A new beginning in an old coastal town
Finding the right footsteps and falling right down
To the earth and its dust as my body and the earth become one
Which give me motivation to stand up,brush the dust and run
Run to the nearest tree of hope
I’m sick of this world so full of dope
So full of lies, with a lot less hellos and more of goodbyes
I climb this tree right by the beach
I stumble and fall, but i keep on climbing
If I can’t climb the tree i may show people how to try to climb it, something worthwhile to teach
No guidance, with no preist to preach
Faith is in nature to christen this ship on its long voyage
A voyage through the black abyss with the stars of white
A voyage into the blue water and white snow, shall sail like a kite
As i look down upon the blind men of age
Treating the world like a stage
A stage set up by them and for them
With no heart to share or to care or bare
As all other creatures survive,sit,sleep,eat and stare
With disgust as we consume ourselves in our tyranny of greed
When the last of us perishes, there will be silence
A silence in the earth as the baring of defiance
A fresh new start in the chapter of this World
This trip was something else.


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