“I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul “

A poem by William Ernest Henley; which gave him great courage and helped him triumph during difficult times, the name of the poem was “Invictus”. A movie on Nelson Mandela was made by Clint Eastwood having the same name of the poem.

A man who was willing to take chances, a man at peace not with others but with himself having the burden of chaos on him, the true test of a leader comes not from his winning vote but to show the people the path of glory. Nelson Mandela will always be remembered for the anti-apartheid movement, where the citizens of South Africa were segregated on the basis of color, where he relentlessly carried out movements following non violent acts against the NP government (National Party). Robben Island was the turning point for Mandela where he changed the course of his life. The 8 feet by 7 feet cell was his home, it is a site of great attraction for tourists who visit Mandela’s cell, and the cell number: 46664.

The presidency of Nelson Mandela can always be looked up on the internet. The true face of the man was to unite the people of his country, to caste out the apartheid and make South Africa a prosperous country to live in. A man who took the hate but gave out love is a man who has an impeccable heart. Words of wisdom as this was the man who was the last amongst the great rebellions of the 20th century, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther king Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Che Guevara; to name a few.

The problems we face today are rising by the second and we need great leaders like Nelson Mandela, to look beyond borders and colors and greed and rise above them. There can be none like him because we will not be able to sacrifice the time of our one day compared to Mandela’s life struggle.

The Father of the nation to the South Africans, a shining example to the world of what a true leader is, as he is not born but made by the people and the circumstances. 

In respect to the great Nelson Mandela, may his soul rest in peace. 


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