The Ship that sailed into the sunset


The Captain of the ship set out to sea
He took a bunch of men,guns and food
And set sail for a long adventure
He was poised to believe
For the man that he had come to be
For all the ship’s souls were to look upon him
For hope,valor,dicipline and respect
Duty was at her prime, as everything were meant to be perfect
Under his wachfull eye, the winds gave them hope
Under the captain’s steer, there was more bond among the men than the rope
The salty water was to be conquered by the bitter sweet wine
The captain would say,”We sail until we are prized men, the ocean is mine”
Trade flourished and the sea was in their blood
Time came to retire from the salty love affair
There was no more that the captain and his lofty crew could bare
“This ship will sail a little longer lads” said the captain
The ship is my body where it will strive for in the sea
And to my suprise, the captain is my soul,me.


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