A Winter Blanket full of Stars


Welcome dear friends and foes
I welcome you to my humble abode
The mind speaks of many instances
But i prefer to be different in circumstances
This weary mind it lingers into the abyss
Where many creatures greet me
If i’m lucky i might end up with a nymph’s kiss
There are tonnes of jolly characters that i can be
I see the sun rising and the sun setting
I can see the sun in action for it is smelting
The moon and it is therefore scattering the sparks in the black
There are too many for you to pack
Let them be as they will come and go
The Noble North star will always be there to show
To guide and to help and to be beyond doubt noble
I am swimming in the cold winter sky
With the stars dispersing as i swim into them
Feeling the chill its time to say goodbye
To my shiny dazzeling ladies who glimmer with such tranquility
I sleep on my terrace under the starry blanket, a once in a lifetime opportunity



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