The snow is burying me to the ground
I can see nothing but hear the sound
The sound of your voice, echoing in the thick ice
I know what i have done, it has cost me a price
A price which i could never repay
I still think about till this very day
I am going strong and weaker by the day
I sit alone, absconding from life
I get preached that life will find a way
But my life is making it’s own
Breathing in the air whenever it’s blown
I am standing at the edge of a grassy clif
I can’t move i feel so stiff
You appear before me yet i can’t speak
I feel cold and lost, i feel so weak
I want to apologize yet you don’t speak
Your smiling and crying at the same time
Am i standing here waiting for my judgement for my crime?
I ask myself in my head
She answers it without speaking,”No”
I am being pushed towards the sea
She tells me, go live my love; live free
I fall, as i rise above the heavy snow
I feel cold, my tears are ice, my past is now burried deep below
I feel different



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