The Tomboy girl


Hey there,

Well you know me as a good friend and i do prize the compliment you gave me back in a few years that i am one of those people who became your good friend in a really quick span of time. This letter is to you, i don’t know when you might see it, whether you might see it at all, but i suppose i might just get punched for this by the people who might interpret it in a wrong manner. I have been travelling in the exile i have created for myself. This exile where i have helped and been there for people who i don’t expect to turn around and smile, i have done it with heart. But on the journey, coming to conclusions about this self exile i came across you, and a good band of people who i could call a family. I never doubted for a second that the girl that i bumped into, corrected the course of my life. She was wearing a yellow t shirt. 

If there was any scope for a liking for me sort of a person, i know that there are differences which set us poles apart, that i am not in the list of options. But in the future maybe just maybe, because if it does happen, who knows it might be great. 

My character is somewhat unknown to you, its a kind which you haven’t encountered before. But it is quite beautiful i must say. 

If there was a decision to be made, i would accept it in anyway possible. With all my wealth, all my knowledge laid aside left to sit in a safe locker, my love would indefinitely be the driving force of my life along with my logic of life. 

I wanted to get you out of your cousins house those nights and free you off those torments which you had to endure, and every now and then, my friend, also yours; ” rhino” would sit with me at f.s.m and he would listen to what i had to say, a huge explosion of feelings.

To end things, i do like you and i boldly say it, to the girl who like me, had a problem holding the pen/pencil right during the early school days. 

With Love



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