My First Waterfall

My First Waterfall

I have been to many places and the best part is, i don’t recall visiting them at all! I was very young. This was the closest waterfall for us on our road trip.

Chitrakoot, Chhattisgarh; where the indravati river picks up momentum and flows through Odisha and joins the Godavari river in Andhra Pradesh. I visited this waterfall before, but coming after 18 years its simply amazing.

To top that up, taking pictures and documenting the waterfall and the environment was even better; field work experience just grew to 45%! With my faithful Canon 600 D, the water could not harm me at all making my work better.

We were taken on boats and we went near the waterfall, into the churn and i witnessed wonder and sheer power of mother nature, being at the center of the waterfall where the boat could have drowned, camera could get spoiled; the lesson learnt, do something with the right intention and you will always be rewarded.

Documenting is done, the edit will start soon enough!

Stay tuned!


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