In Search Of the Zombie Girl

In Search Of the Zombie Girl

There is a faint sound, a little known sound
I get up with eyes wide open
I hope this sound is around
So that i can watch it happen!
It’s fading away, it’s going all the distance
I’m jumping out of this boring conference
i’m taking my fat chance
This instance
I see many people, i see their faces
Ignorant to the sound of music beneath their laces
I search and follow and follow and search
I’m mixing up my words and thoughts
Like the birds that perch
I’m chasing this faint tune
I may jump in a waterfall, a big giant hole in the earth or get lost in a rune…
But i know she will call for me
Cause i’m going to find her and be with her soon…
Let the world chew me up or spit me out or like a violent hurl
In search of my zombie girl


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