The Cold Indian Romance Part-3

She was cold as ice physically and mentally she was like an active volcano with the fumes venting out and face erupting and turning red because of the magma.

“Koi Zaroorat nahi hai” (It’s not that important!)

She leaves with haste.

I guess that was it, all my thinking about love, fatal attractions just got buried under the snow; just like that. I moved on as I didn’t experience it to linger on to such things.

A beautiful cottage, pretty old; but in its grandeur, a reddish cottage with smoke coming out of the chimney, a small shed by the side, a front porch with a rocking chair and a sign which said: “Thakur”. I wondered if there was a tyrant in there that would beat me to death or if there was a tyrant in there who would torture me to death. Either way, death was inevitable by the kind of sign that was out here, even the snow didn’t cover the sign, and it’s as if the name is too hot to be frozen. I walk up to the porch, knock on the main door; no one answers; I do it a couple of times and still no response. I wait by the porch, I have no intentions of sneaking from the backyard otherwise I might get shot in the head! The rocking chair seems to be a nice spot to wait it out, pretty squeaky as I sit on it and rock, the entire porch starts to squeak so I stop.  I just sit there and look at the vastness of the hills, the green and white combination with little brown spots of leafless trees, wonder when my employer would arrive, I looked at the bird chirping on the branch of a leafless tree by the porch, I didn’t notice that there was a tree… It was humming a beautiful tune; I could sing a song with its melody;

“So kind is the love in you… that this world has got something new… so beautiful a life you shall have…In your heart you shall always remain…true…

The lake is shining as if the moon has come down from the heavens to take a bath; the stars are in there as well, refreshing the moon like the rose petals in a royal hot water bath.  The mountains around it seem to be staring at the beautiful moon taking her bath, the sky is clear making it the perfect opportunity for her to look at herself, everything is covered in white snow, yet it seems to be purple and white, the trees are leafless yet and nothing seems to be in sight. I see a girl, by the edge of the lake. She is sitting there and playing with the water. I go up to her but I do not disturb her during her enjoyment, yet I look at the water to find out who is this girl, she stops playing; the water is rid of the ripples; for now it is but a mirror as I see the girl who is both my rescuer and my detester. Her skin Is as white as the snow clad mountains, with her red lips blood red warming her in the freezing cold; with her hair twined down her left side, she smiles at her reflection, she gets up, I am taken aback; she turns around…”

“Bahut acha hai na, mera chair?” (Isn’t my chair very nice?”)

I get up with a huge jerk and I am in attention as if the chief general has called my name.

“Ha ha, kya hua beta;  yeh “ladki kaun hai”?(Ha Ha, what happened son; who is this “girl”?)

Kaun  “Ladki”, Aap Kaun hai?  (Who girl? Who are you?)

Ranu Veer Thakur, aur aap? (Ranu Veer Thakur, and you?)

Ra..Ra..Ramm…Singh ..ji…

To be Continued…


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