The French Pout


Sitting by this Indian french restaurant
Having my morning cup of coffee and croissant
With the newspaper of doom beside me, life is pretty slow
And when will my time come when i will fly and go
To live a happy and fun filling life
There’s a table right in front of me
All throughout the year it remains empty
Wonder whats the fear
Where is the calamity?
Why isn’t anyone sitting here?
It’s time to leave and get back to life, good day dear folks…
Its morning by the restaurant
Having my favorite croissant
As i sit and look at my big screen phone
Clear like a mirror
I’m startled as i look at who’s in front of me
this girl who’s polite and asks if she can sit and ask for a coffee
I smile, with her smile making me smile
She asks for my phone to look at her self in the mirror
Someone after so long is sitting on the chair
We drink our coffee and talk for while
She loves doing herself
She’s this pretty awesome person
Shes got the world spinning by her feet
She’s got a pair of whiteness,clean,sparkled teeth
Shes going as shes says goodbye
I ask for my phone which she forgot
She’s so sorry, she say’s thanks a lot
She says we shall meet again
I ask how and when?
She has left the scene
I sit back and later on open my phone to find her number on my screen


picture credits: Indrima Bhattacharya


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