Reformation of the soul


Who do i pray for?
What do i pray for?
Do i pray for the rhymes of laughs
Do i pray solace to the person who stabs be in the back
Well lets rewind the track
Lets switch on our tubes inside our heads
Instead of complicating thoughts which rip us to shreds
Here is the vision i have for you
And i am a cent percent sure that its bound to be true
Imagine a road full of people begging for alms
The next moment everyone’s dead, their blood on your palms
Crack a joke, laugh about it
I shall laugh as well and care to stare and sit
I sit because not of feeling hurt
I sit because i think about those people in the dirt
Those innocent lives that they are
How little funny words impact them from a far
I see them living happy lives in sadness
To understand and live through that is complete madness
Mixed up thoughts in my head for i am angry
If there was ever a somebody who took a stand for me
I dont care about the sexes if its a he,she,or heshe
Defending something and fighting for something are two different things
I hope you get the point as your bell rings
Its time a stand was taken for those less important
Giving the things away to know that they are abundant
For they will see the light, as they open that pearly door
And that’s what i am going to do as they are worth praying for…


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