The Thought about the thought’s of thought’s


Life is but a thought
Ought to wrought
In the mind of minds
What does one simply ask for?
There are a lot of things in store
If we can make that happen
Then we can dream our reality
Instead of lust,greed and cruelty
It is nothing but a simple life that we ask for
So here’s the door
Lets think deep
It’s off balanced, like walking on the ocean floor
Where the cracks try to seep
The salty water into the earth
Where life is evident
Where the invention of thought has its birth
Here i am at the center of the earth
I am to enter a deeper whole
I guess this is my goal
To find out what my thought is about
I see it finally without a doubt
That whats there at the center of my planet
Because if there was ever a place of peace or the actual afterlife
Its right here in the center of my mind
Where the most important find
Is the thought about you that gives me happiness to live my life


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