On the edge of my City


This is an honest post, not that my other posts were false, but this one comes straight from the heart. After a lot of soul searching, thinking, walking around, traveling, writing,capturing; i have contemplated that my home gives me the strength to move forward. Who am I here? In the city of Hyderabad. An unknown, an alien of sorts but i kind of found my footing here, so that’s done and said. When there are times of trouble or times of sorrow; i look back at my roots in the form of pictures, memories or old friends. Human Beings need one thing and that is to be in their comfort zone and expand the little bubble that you have created and what one needs is a blow of fresh air, oh yes i can imagine it the salty air that and the wind which keeps shouting in your ear. Motivation is an entity that one requires and one needs to conquer the lethargic attitude to motivate oneself on getting up on time. The little things in life give a solidarity that no matter how big you are, your always little to somebody else in the world or in the universe! People think of philosophies,methods of peace,virtues,cynicism; but apart from this, “where is the living for yourself part?”. Sometimes in life and most of you would agree that i haven’t lived for myself all the time. 

Standing on the edge of the city i realized that apart from all the power,wealth,knowledge in the world that builds you up; we forget to look at the main frontier of life! “Love”, not just to our fellow human beings or opposite sexes but to the matter around you. Every moment is a celebration of love, or an aspiration towards love, or to live the love of your life. The power of love is always an unimaginable power of great magnitude. 



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