If there’s a little thing in life
You had to change
If there’s a glimer of a chance
What would you change…?
Doesn’t it seem so strange
That there are many little things
In your big big universe
Before you start your day you rehearse
In your head and your heart
Your cynical endevour
Has no intentions to part
You have a life that someone wants to live
You can’t loose it all away
Because you think something that’s nothing to give
To anybody who feels your okay
So what if you have something inside you
It can always come out
As long as you stay true
And paint,play and sing and shout
You make your own rhyme in your head
Your chords wake up the un-dead
These hill tops will come and go
And for all reasons you must know
No matter how long the distance how ever far
You can wipe it all out and just be who you are…


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