The Hinder Box


There is a time and moment when you are out of control
When you think your life is whole
There’s just one problem with that
Everything is falling apart when you think its not
You dont respect with all that you got
Instead you leave the helpess to die and rot
There is no insanity in helping the helpless
Instead you will be calming a lot of distress
In the vicious life of yours
Of raving wine and suculent wild boars
Eat your meat
Grab your seat
And watch me rhyme
Because this is my time
To mock and smile
To teach you an important lesson
And here’s a confession
The world of peace with the war struck machines you take pride with
Is something i would chew and spit
I would stretch it and see it split
Because such thoughts dont fit
In reality
The world is too big for your thoughts to sit
The world is everything without you
See the world which is in reality true



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