Canvas in the sky


Here is to that Sunday Sunset where one feels bored and lazy and has nothing but the sky to look on to as an inspiration. It feels amazing when you sit on your terrace and feel the cold mixture of hot summer breeze while the sun sets and the clouds move like the returning cattle into the farm house. I am amused by the way the birds fly by the sun, as they soak up the last bit of warmth to survive and last the night. The bustling city has nothing but ignorance with few admirers sitting on their terraces and watching the finale of the sky. The Canvas in the sky is decked up with a  beautiful disarray of colors and artistic designs. The breeze is just the air blown by the artist to trickle down few colors and to dry them off. How wonderful it is to have the open sky as the canvas of life. People tend to miss out on such scenic wonders, or maybe they don’t; that’s why we have Sundays. 



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