Houdini of Marvels


When life has no turning or no meaning
When people have annoyed you night and day
When any action of yours becomes demeaning
What do you that defines your every move?
That what you make is bigger than the louvre
These thoughts have made me snuggle in this perplexed shell
To make me float in the cold waters of this deep well
I was unable to climb as i slipped as i was seeing the end of my day
There was no will for me to reach my way
But the trick was not stuggling and finding it
It was all about staying alive and floating until someone finds you
Until someone removes you or picks you up
Becuase by keeping your concience true
A certain someone tends to find you
And in such a glimer of hope
Was it real? Was it new?
Was it worth climbing up the rope?
To be the brewer than the brew?
It is beautiful to feel the fresh air of randomness and the unknown thoughts
Of a beautiful different yet unique individual
Something for now which needs more simplicity than thought provoking madness
These defining moments eradicate your sadness
What shall one be? If one cannot see
What can you do for the person who sets you free?

 I am not a great poet or an artist, my creativity is constrained. But my appreciation is clear enough to see. 


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